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Every month we offer our On-Ramp program. The On-Ramp program is mandatory for all new members without prior CrossFit experience. To get signed up & started ASAP, please text: 253-376-5084 for the fastest response!


Hey you, yes you…right there looking at this website….YOU!



Are you finally ready to stop wasting time on the globo-gyms & dumbass diets that skinny people make up to steal your money, that don’t work?


Are you ready to see why there’s now 14,000 CrossFit gyms across the world & only 800 LA Fitness gyms and 400 24hour gyms and 700 Gold’s gym!

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Let’s face it; CrossFit works! It works for every human on this planet and YES it will work for you if you’re willing to put the hard work in. The truth is simple, the harder you’re willing to work the faster you’re going to get results…I promise with a money back guarantee! You didn’t get overweight, out of shape overnight so you’re not going to lose all your weight & be in the best shape of your life overnight.

There’s no better “MAGIC PILL” than SWEAT! There’s no secret here besides the truth & real science…..

1. Heavy weights will NOT make you BULKY……cupcakes & latte’s make you bulky!

2. Working out for 1.5 hours or more….Ain’t nobody got time for that! Most of our successful members are here for 45mins or less, 3x a week!

3. CrossFit is Dangerous:  A. How would you know? You haven’t tried it or us yet! B. CrossFit is NOT dangerous, bad coaches ARE! If it was dangerous then why would I let my own mother CrossFit 4x a week?

4.  It’s more expensive than a globo-gym! Sure it is…but how much do the high-school dropout “trainers” cost at your globo gym per hour?

5. The greatest results are made in the kitchen & finished off here in the gym! You can’t workout enough to compensate for eating terrible foods, it’s pure science!


So let’s do this…..Here are the details for May 2017!

1. May 2017 OnRamp including unlimited membership – $199 then $159 per month after.


2. May 2017 OnRamp including unlimited membership for Service members – $199 then $79.50 per month after.


3. May 2017 OnRamp plus 3 months unlimited membership, 4 months total – $799; paid in full prior to OnRamp.


4. May 2017 OnRamp plus 6 months unlimited membership, 7 months total – $1199; paid in full prior to OnRamp.


5. May 2017 OnRamp plus 11 months unlimited membership, 12 months total – $1999; paid in full prior to OnRamp.


These will be our ONLY specials offered for OnRamp for the rest of the year.



May 2017 OnRamp schedule: Starts on  5/1/17(Monday) at 7am or 4pm for a 1 hour class. Classes will be on Monday, Wednesday & Friday’s at 7am or 4pm for the entire month of May. Each day we will be covering our basic movements & gym environment! After that you are welcome to participate in your Unlimited Gym Membership starting in May.




Please come by anytime during our OPEN hours to sign up for May 2017 OnRamp!


May 2017 OnRamp & Future OnRamps

– to register, reach Coach Nic at

253-376-5084, text me anytime for information!


Are you feeling great about your mind & body going in to the season of mostly unhealthy eating and weather that keeps you from that running program you kinda started last April?


STOP FOOLING AROUND! We all know that the #1 reason everyone works out is to look better NAKED, Dont lie! And what better season than the Summer to look & feel better about yourself when you’re going to all those parties! It’s the same for both Men & Women….No one wants to be the FAT person at the party!


So do something about it! You’ve tried everything else and none of it worked, did it? Cause if it did work you probably wouldn’t be reading my website, you’d be fit & healthy & lookin’ good and probably at the gym!


Still not convinced if CrossFit or our gym is right for you? Click the link below and read any of our 80, 5 Star reviews….



Town Hall Meeting, June 7th 2014

Please contact us if you are interested. (Class times and prices are subject to change.)


Discounts do not apply to One Month On-Ramp Classes.