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Nic Anderson


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Instead writing a bio for our new website I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my essay about why we’re opening this gym. Although getting to this point was my previous 11 years as a coach, I couldn’t have done it alone so that’s why I state “we’re” opening this gym. Thank you to my family, friends/members, supporters & everyone that has been apart of this journey over the past 12 years. This gym is just as much yours & ours as it is mine.

The following essay was written for the approval of a CrossFit affiliation, enjoy…..

I’m going to get straight to the point; CrossFit has never had such a supporter as the one writing this essay, me, KB Nic! I was given the nickname of “KB Nic” from my CrossFit friends at Rainier CrossFit in 2010 during the Northwest Regionals where I met Laurie & Kurtis Bowler while I worked with the equipment crew. I was operating Northwest Kettlebell Athletics out of Tacoma, WA and quickly became apart of a new family, my CrossFit family and they all quickly found out my love for the iron bowling ball with a handle!

From that point on my life & career had changed. I began educating myself on everything CrossFit & completely changed how I was training my current members, incorporating the CrossFit methods to my Kettlebell programs and greatly enhancing the results of not only my members but myself as well.

I heard about volunteering for the Northwest Regionals during my first CrossFit cert which was in March, 2 months prior, lead by my then current Kettlebell coach for the past 2 years Jeff Martone. I was informed of this CrossFit Kettlebell certification being hosted here in WA state and because of Jeff I signed up ASAP. I learned so much more about not only Kettlebell training but a whole new way to cultivate physical fitness that I had to immerse myself in this culture and hence I immediately found the volunteer sign ups for the Northwest Regionals!

Since then I have accumulated an amazingly huge family of fellow CrossFitters not only here in the Northwest but worldwide, I even spent a week with CrossFit Acapulco and Jeff Martone for a Kettlebell certification a little over a year ago! I now hold my CrossFit Level 1 trainer cert, CrossFit Olympic lifting cert, I’ve taken the CrossFit Kettlebell cert twice which makes a total of 5 Kettlebell certifications, CrossFit Strongman cert & the CrossFit Judges course.

All in all I hold 9 coaching certifications. I’ve volunteered with the equipment crew for the Northwest regionals during 2010, 2011, 2012 and in 2013 I was honored with judging regionals after competing in the 2013 Open for the first time. I’ve been an athlete of Rainier CrossFit since late 2011 combining my kettlebell training with CrossFit & regular strongman practice. I’ve competed in 5 Kettlebell sport competitions over 2 years in which taking at least 2 gold medals from each, I competed in my first strongman competition this past September 2013 and am registered for my first CrossFit team competition coming this January, Cretus Ex Duellum which is a 3-day event held at CrossFit Lynnwood.

CrossFit to me simply means family, a very hard working family persistent on the creation of a larger, stronger family. It always comes back to family. I spent years being a Lone Ranger in the Kettlebell community which wasn’t really a community at all, I’ve never had the relationships in the Kettlebell world as I do in my CrossFit world. When I entered the CrossFit community all I received was open arms & the chance to actually be apart of something greater than myself. That’s exactly why I became a coach in the first place back in 2005, I’ve had my own struggles with weight loss & physical fitness so I knew in my heart that I could help those who struggle as well. These days I know now more than ever that no matter how exceptionally fit you are or out of shape you are we all struggle to become better. That’s why I coach, to create better human beings through the pursuit of physical fitness and with CrossFit & Kettlebell training I’ve seen many people realize not only their physical fitness goals but life goals as well. Shy & timid women turning into strong, outgoing, confident leaders. Overweight & embarrassed men becoming the outgoing, courageous members of society they always wanted to be. The family I’ve been welcomed into is exactly what I want to welcome others into, the largest & strongest family this whole world has ever seen!

Along with regular CrossFit classes, I also plan on continuing my CrossFit style Kettlebell classes. I’ve already been searching for SME’s(subject matter experts) for gymnastics, olympic weightlifting & yoga which to offer specialty classes and to my surprise I’ve had numerous applicants in each field reply to my inquiry.

To wrap this up, for you & for me since all this writing has exhausted my intellectual side, my goals of an affiliate are to create a family that wants to become stronger not only together but grow stronger with the worldwide CrossFit family. We will answer the call to any of our family members no matter what the inquiry, CrossFit has been successful because of the willingness to help each other and put aside our individual needs for the greater good of the community and that’s a real family. Anytime I’ve ever needed help whether it was CrossFit related or not, my CrossFit family has been there for me and I intend on continuing that tradition with my own affiliate.

CrossFit Decimus is a tribute to the tight knit, hard working, community based city of Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma fights hard for its own and has a history of great downfalls which were quickly turned around by every citizen forgetting their own problems and pitching in to rebuild & uplift complete strangers for the greater good of the city, otherwise known as what family does for each other. We stand for the firmness of character & indomitable spirit, which flows through the blood of every citizen of Tacoma. We are the hardest working city with a never quit or die trying attitude and our gym will represent just that, the family that never quits or we’ll die trying to help each other!

There is a big difference between a coach who does something everyday & a coach who does something occasionally, I train myself & coach others everyday 7 days a week, check our schedule! I’m not saying I’m the best coach there is, but I know what I’m doing and how to train you for your goals without getting you hurt or wasting your time & money!

Thats it, I wont bore you with useless crap. But if you’d like to go out for some grilled dead animals and veggies, great & I will tell you anything you’d like to know!

Head Coach/Owner – “KB Nic” Anderson
CrossFit Level 1 trainer
CrossFit Judge
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting trainer
CrossFit Strongman trainer
CrossFit Kettlebell trainer – 2x
Tactical Athlete Kettlebell instructor
IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach
IKFF Kettlebell Coach


Kyle Roberts

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I was always active in sports growing up but in High School I found alcohol and drugs. Loved fast food etc. Became really overweight and lazy in college. When my wife became pregnant with our first son I knew I had to change my lifestyle habits. I may still be a little lazy, but now I call it recovery. My life was not where I wanted it to be. That led me towards the Paleo diet which led me to discover Kettlebells and CrossFit. I haven’t looked back since and have been living this healthy lifestyle since 2009. I am here to help you achieve your goals through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Level 1
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Judges Course




Bob Farrell


Originally born and raised in Southern California (Oceanside), I grew up playing any sport I could get
into.  I eventually stayed with Water Polo, Swimming, Baseball, and Surfing.  I had to make a decision
between Baseball and Water Polo in College and chose Baseball.  I continued playing up until a year ago
when I had ankle surgery.

I started lifting in high school on a Universal Gym.  We were totally unsupervised, so I learned as I went.
Got seriously into lifting when I entered the Air Force, again unsupervised, but used free weights, which
helped me get stronger and make the All-Air Force softball team, where the lifting really started to pay
off.  Upon my exit from the military, I started lifting weights with various bodybuilders and powerlifters.
Fast forward to 5 years ago when my beautiful wife Elaine encouraged me to try this thing called
Crossfit.  At that time I had ballooned to 280#.  After the first day, I was hooked.  Yes it hurt, a lot, but I
had never experienced Constantly varied, functional movements, accomplished at high intensity
(Crossfit theme) in my life.  That was at the age of 57.  I’m 61 now and weight 225 and continue to build
muscle, which at my age, I didn’t think was possible.  I am proof that age is no excuse.  If you have the
desire and drive to get healthier you can do anything.  I enjoy crossfit so much that I got my level `
certificate and have been a coach ever since and I love it.  I love to see the looks on athletes faces when I
or our other coaches help them achieve something they didn’t was possible.  I look forward to helping
you achieve your goals and challenging you to be better every day in building our crossfit family.


CrossFit Level One certificate